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Q.) Which of the following is a compound nerve?
A) Trigeminal B) Optic C) Hypoglossal D) Olfactory

Ans. A

Q.2) What is lethal dose of fluoride?
A) 32 – 64 F/Kg body wt b) 8 – 16 F/Kg body wt
c) 5 – 10 F/Kg body wt d) 16 – 24 F/Kg body wt

Ans. A.(35 – 70mg of fluoride /Kg body wt.)

Q.3) Safety dose of Fluoride is
A) 8-16 mg F/Kg body weight b) 16 – 32 mg F/Kg body weight
C) 30 – 64 mg F/Kg body weight d) 12 – 30 mg F/Kg body weight

Ans. A (1/4 of CLD)

Q.4) Fluoride varnish was introduced first in?
A) USA B) Europe C) India D) Austrlia
Ans. B.. (Europe 1964 trade name Duraphat 25-75% caries reduction)

Q.5) Plaque hypothesis theory was discovered?
A) Loesche B) Listgarter C) Jenco

Ans. A

Q.6) Frey syndrome is associated with
A) Parotid gland surgery b) Submandibular
C) Sublingual gland D) All of the above

Ans. A

Q.7) Acc. To WHO the mouth wash rinsing is not recommended in
A) Under 2 years B) 4 years
C) 6 years D) 8 years
Ans. B

Q.8) When was fluoride tooth paste made OTC?
A) 1945 B) 1955 C) 1964 D) 1971

Ans. B

Q.9) Which of the following has Mani length in the range of that of human eye?
A) Argon B) hene C) Ndyog D) Co2

Ans. A

Q.10)Er-YAG is associated with Wave length
A) 2.90 µm B) 3.84 µm C) 6.56 µm D) 10.06 µm

Ans. A ( 2.94 µm)

Q.11) Critical pH is
A) 3.5 – 5.5 B) 4.5 – 5.5
C) 5 – 5.5 D)

Ans. C ( 5.3)

Q.12) Daily fluoride (0.05%) mouth rinse has concentration?
A) 225ppm B) 900ppm
C) 1000ppm D) 1100ppm

Ans. A

Q.13) Sequence of events in distraction osteogenesis is
A) Osteotomy - Latency - Distraction - Consolidation -remodelling
B) Latency - Osteotomy - Distraction - Consolidation
C) Osteotomy - Distraction - Latency - Consolidation
Ans. A
Q.14) Which of the following is lost first after giving L.A.
A) Pain B) Touch C) Temperature D) Pressure

Ans. A

Q.15) Psedomunant cells of connective tissue
A) Neutrophills B) RBC C) Fibroblasts D) None

Ans. C
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